ABAL Insight Ltd

Helping companies understand and win public sector contracts

ABAL Insight is poised to act as critical friend and advisor to companies wishing to exploit commercial opportunities in the defence and security sector based on extensive experience in the military covering both operational deployments and senior leadership within the MOD's defence procurement organisation. Unique strengths lie in:

Requirements Interpretation and Analysis:

  • Identifying what the customer actually needs;
  • ensuring proposals meet that need squarely and obviously;
  • focussing bid preparation and preparatory research and development:

... reducing proposal costs

Proposal Preparation:

  • Ensuring proposals are communicated in language the customer readily understands;
  • increasing assurance of the offer;
  • reducing potential for misunderstanding:

... increasing the probability of success

Portfolio Construction:

  • Shaping future portfolio development to ensure it best meets future requirements;
  • highlighting opportunities for cross-fertilisation of products and services;

... optimising private venture investment for greatest returns

The Wider Proposal:

  • Building coherent and complete proposals;
  • identifying opportunities for providing enhanced services:

... increasing order value

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